Jason Phillip Greenberg is a visual artist from Long Island, New York who craves to create with any form of media he can get his hands on.  The switch in perspectives between different media and how their techniques translate to one another is something he has been experimenting within his work.  As soon as he finds a new medium he enjoys, he dives headfirst and does not look back. Jason Greenberg is currently at Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) for his undergraduate as a senior fiber major. He most recently works with machine embroidery, weaving, acrylic painting, and digital photography; with past works consisting of laminated wood, polyurethane adhesives, cast urethane and silicone, charcoal and conte crayon, water and oil-based paint, and video. Some recurring themes that come into his work are the human form and its relation to the interior space that it occupies, tragedy and loss, color relations, and the flattening illusionist effects of certain textile patterns. Jason Greenberg is a hardworking individual who is not afraid to experiment and push the boundaries of form and material in the realm of fine art.